Louisville real estate - Experience matters

Buying and selling Louisville real estate has become increasingly complex in our present challenging economy. With both sides of the transaction vying for the best possible monetary outcome, it is crucial to have experienced and responsive advocates on your side.


In the current economy, you need skilled real estate negotiators

Our negotiating skill translates into direct benefits for your family – you are more likely to actually get to the closing and come out with the results you hope for. With over 650 completed Louisville real estate transactions under our belt, we have the know-how to get you where you want to be.


Home buyers can void a contract

Just because a contract has been signed does not mean that the sale of a home will close. There are hurdles to get through and each one presents a new opportunity to renegotiate the terms of the sale of the home. Inspections and repairs need to be accomplished without hassle or complications. Our network of repair professionals prepares us to get through this part of the sale of a home and greatly simplifies the process.


Absent sellers in real estate

Increasingly, a seller may be absent, either due to relocation or a sudden change in circumstances. Do you know who to trust to sell your home if you have to suddenly move?


We attend home inspections

We attend home inspections so that we can stay informed on any potential issues that may arise and also so that we can act as advocates for the families that we represent.


Over 650 successful real estate transactions

Over 650 successful real estate transactions settled means over 650 happy Louisville families. Are you ready for a better home buying or home selling experience?

Louisville Real Estate Negotiating Expertise
– We Keep You Moving

You have found a house to buy or have a buyer for the home you are selling. What's next? We work to give you comfortable closings.

We are Debbie Haddad and Karen Fox, otherwise known as The Haddad Fox Team. We've been serving families in the Louisville, Ky metro area since 1987 and we would love to serve your family as well. We follow each transaction as closely as possible to ensure that all issues are dealt with quickly. Our realtor-to-realtor relationships make a huge difference when we are working on your behalf. This can be crucial when the top 10% of agents do 90% of the business in the Louisville, KY metro area.

Why use us? We're consistently recognized in the top 10% of all REALTORS in Louisville, averaging 65 transactions and selling 11 Million dollars yearly. Simply put, we get results. Want to know more? Click here or call today to schedule an appointment.