Knowing when to walk away made all the difference

Our real estate experience puts us in the role of trusted advisor and we take that very seriously. We help home buyers to decipher issues and let them know when to pick their battles. We can tell the difference between a safety issue and a cosmetic issue. Most problems that we run into, we have seen ten times before and know how to arrange for it to be dealt with. For sellers, we help to decipher issues as well. We know when to challenge inspectors and how to approach negotiations.

While we do everything we can to keep you moving, sometimes we do have to advise you to walk away from a home. We do not want you to purchase a home you will have a difficult time reselling. In one case, after discovering nearly $15K in neeeded roof repairs, we did advise our client to walk away. The  family was able to find a different home and dodged potential problems that could have plagued them endlessly.

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