The homeowner wasn't aware of the extent of the repairs needed

Many times after a buyer signs the contract, there are new issues that come to light. One one case in particular that we dealt with, we represented the buyer and the home in question had been a rental property for several years. After the contract was signed, it rained for 24 hours and the basement of the structure turned into a creek. Water poured from both sides of the structure. We went back to the buyer, who still wanted to purchase the house, but wanted to be involved in the repair. We contacted our network of local repair specialists and arranged the estimate, worded the repair request and renegotiated the contract with the specific name of the company to be contracted to do the repairs. We worked out the degree of repair completion and defined the buyers expectations clearly. We negotiated with the seller to accomplish and pay for the repairs. After 6 meetings and even more necessary repairs found and addressed, we were able to help our buyers get their dream home. Our network of professional contacts and our negotiating skills were instrumental in helping these families.

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