We took care of them like family


Selling a home when you move out of state

Sometimes we have to help sell a home where the sellers are not present. This takes good communication and a lot of thought and sensitivity to the family. In one case, the sellers were in the 80's and both were in Michigan. In many other cases, there were estate sales involved. In such cases it is not uncommon to deal with tasks like cleaning out a refrigerator and taking care of precious items in a jewelry box to make sure they are sent to the proper person.  With our network of capable handymen and repair profressionals, we have been successful advocates for these sellers. We take care of all of the tasks that needed to be taken care of on their behalf, meeting with all of the necessary service providers, inspectors and other real estate agents. We stay on top of issues to ensure that repairs are made to our high standards. We work to make sure that the seller has no anxiety and is in full possession of all details.

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